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Why you should learn about generative AI from Dr. Birmingham at Fredonia

During my last semester of college, I was required to take a communication course that had nothing to do with my major, journalism. One of the choices was to take COMM 244 Intro to Social Media. I have taken a course with the professor before last year so I knew what I was getting myself into.

Before I entered the course, I knew that we would be going over generative AI so I would eventually learn how to use it. Before this semester, I have never used AI, not even for my own personal use.

When we first started to learn about it, we learned the basics of it. Our class learned that you can ask AI to give you ideas, make funny songs, and give basic facts. In this class and another one, we asked chat.gpt to make a song about chicken wing dip. What I learned is that you can ask it to make the song the way Taylor Swift would write it. I even asked it to "write me a song about chicken wing dip if it were written by Adele."

"Dippin' Into Memories" by Adele (Chat.GPT)

In another class, I learned that you should ask AI to do something in the format of "Do-What-How." I asked open AI to "Write a slogan for a website called 'Keep the Moola' which is about college students saving money" and their response was "Keep the Moola: College Savings Made Simple."

Another use of generative AI is writing social media posts. For an assignment for Intro to Social Media, we were tasked with making our own social media posts and then ask AI to make their own posts. This would compare who writes better social media posts for a brand, humans or artificial intelligence. When the students presented their results we all agreed the AI uses hashtags that are sometimes not relevant to the brand and that they use a lot of emojis.

Depending on the brand, they may chose to not use emojis or certain hashtags in their posts. This really all depends on who their target audience is. The brand that I chose to create posts for was Dae Hair. They are a desert themed hair company whose main target audience is women around the ages of 16-60. This is a large audience but for the older part of the audience, emojis may not make as much sense to them as it does for the audience who is still in school or are influencers.

I asked AI to "create five instagram captions for dae hair who is a desert themed hair company" and the following is the result.


They aren't terrible captions, they stay on theme of the desert. However, you can see their use of emojis. The emojis do make sense according the the caption that AI generated, but they aren't always needed for each caption. Also, brands have certain emojis that they will use and they especially have the ones that they refuse to use. For Dae Hair, I have never seen them use the music note, the only reason why it is in that caption is because AI generated a caption that uses the word "tunes" which usually goes with music.

AI is a tool that I never thought I would use because I felt that it was a way to cheat on assignments, but now I know that you can utilize it to generate ideas for social media posts, book ideas, brand ideas and just general ideas. This is something that will be useful to everyone and will come in clutch when you are trying to write an essay and it is due in 2 hours. You may chose to learn how to use it, but I am glad that I learned about it in this course.

If that didn't convince you, AI wanted to share their reason why you should take the course.

"Unlock the power of social media with Dr. Birmingham's Intro to Social Media course. Gain practical skills, explore AI applications, and craft engaging content for today's digital landscape."- Chat.GPT

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