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From Smelly and Dirty Laundry to Still Smelly and Dirty Laundry

When you wear your clothes, eventually you are going to need to wash them. For many of the students at the SUNY Fredonia, the option of having nice and clean clothes happens not so often.

Many of the students have said that their clothes, after coming out of the washers, “smells disgusting” and “are less clean than when they were put in.” Those students are residents at Nixon Hall.

Casey Kocher, a Nixon Hall resident, said that her main issue with the laundry is that “they are always either broken or they make my clothes smell worse than what they did before I put them in there, and the dryers never actually dry my clothes fully.”

After the water issue at the beginning of the semester, the water has been very questionable cleaning-wise.

The dryers in the residence halls are a different story, they have one specific job and it's in the name, dry clothes. The dryers simply cannot complete the one task that they were de

signed to do, even with a light load, it won’t get the job done.

For many people, like Meara Curran, she has to put her clothes in multiple times.

“I’ve had to put my clothes in multiple times just for it to come wet, even if it is a small load, at least one item always seems to come out damp,” she said.

Timmy Peguillan, also a resident of Nixon Hall, said, “One day I literally had to put the dryer on three times only for it to come out still wet.”

Alyssa Santiago said, “The washers sometimes don’t drain the clothes so I have to wring out my clothes in the sinks.”

The only thing these students don’t want to have to deal with is their clothes not being washed properly or at all.

They say that all they ask for is that the washers are cleaned and the water going into them to wash their clothes is clean and not contaminated in any way.

The same thing goes for rate dyers. They just want to be able to put their laundry in the dryers once and not over and over again so they can be fully dry.

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