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Chill time in Rome

For the next three weeks, I stayed in Rome to study for midterms and get myself ahead of my work, I also got incredibly sick. Before I was too sick, I was able to get dinner with my friends to Tonnarello's. I was advised by my cousin to try their spaghetti and meatball entree which is what they are known for. If you do go, which you should, make sure to order "Tonarello al sugo con le polpette" very yummy.

The weekend after Oktoberfest, I was planning on staying in Rome anyways to catch up on sleep and slow down because I had been traveling so much. I needed a break and my body knew it. I went to bed Thursday night feeling perfectly fine just to wake up on Friday morning feeling like I got hit by semi trucks. My head was woozy and I was sore and congested and just felt like bleh. I stayed in my bed for the entire weekend which honestly sucked because on Sunday, the Buffalo Bills were playing in London and Sunday was the only game that I didn’t have to stay up until 11 or even later to watch.

I haven’t been able to watch the games which hurts my Buffalo heart because all I want to do is root for my guys, and I can’t do that here unless I want to pay €179.99 for the season. I will do just about anything for the Bills but I could not let myself pay that much. My parents said that they would Zoom or Facetime me so that I could watch but I ended up sleeping through the entire game which I have been told was a good idea.

The rest of the week, I kept myself and my roommate up at night coughing, and then when we were finally getting sleep, the apartment above us began construction. They are getting their tiles removed from their ENTIRE apartment and they start working on it everyday at 8 AM. For the majority of the week, it is very annoying but it is a working wake up call and it does get me out of bed fast. It is helpful for the mornings when I do have to get up early but on Tuesday's, my classes don't start until 1:30 pm, so getting up at 8 AM is not ideal. It is now the third week of them doing the construction and they have started on the bedroom above mine. Have I also mentioned that they were redoing their bathrooms which caused a leak which made our bathroom and my bedroom wall to have water damage and a lot of mold. Supes fun!

For the next week, I was still getting over my flu and contracting pink eye from lord knows what, so I spent that week doing homework, laundry, and cleaning my apartment like a looney. I wasn’t entirely happy that I was sick but I was happy that it wasn’t getting in the way of travel plans. If anything, getting sick saved me money from taking day trips to places or going somewhere for the weekend spending Lord knows how much on not just the trip but on souvenirs and gifts.

During the week in my walking class, we took a tour of the Jewish Ghetto in Rome and learned about how it started and how it has just about ended. So below are some of the pictures of the area that I was able to snag.

There are still some things I want to do and places I want to go to before I leave to go back home in December. So far, it is definitely planned that I will be going back to Florence because I want to see Michaelangelo’s Statue of David and climb the Duomo Dome. The weekend after is my birthday and I am going to Venice and Milan then, and after that is Thanksgiving and I am going to Paris and London.

You know, I have been in Rome since the end of August and I have yet to go to the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, Vatican City, the Roman Forums or the Colosseum. You can call me a bad tourist, I know it to be true. In my defense, I may be living in Rome but I am here for my education so that does take priority above going to see different places. I do plan on going to all of these places eventually before I go, they just take some planning, which is something I have been getting very good at.

I have also gotten into drink coffee! I drink at least three cappuccinos a day. It is crazy, I never had a sip of coffee in the states but when I had that one cup of cappuccino in Capri, I need them practically everyday. I will be truly saddened to not have Italian cappuccinos when I go home, lets just hope I don't resort to just having Starbucks everyday and I find a bar/cafe when I go home.

Well I have midterms coming up soon so I should probably stop talking to yall and go study. I hope you enjoy this post, I know it wasn’t much but I can promise it will get better. I have some ideas that will change things up a bit! Until next time folks, arrivederci!

Photo Descriptions:

  1. Colonna "infame" landmark

  2. Dinner at Tonnarello's

  3. The Forum of the Jewish Ghetto

  4. Cappuccino from Elisa Gelateria on Via di S. Francesco a Ripa

  5. Cappuccino from Caffe Settimiana Di Mella Valter


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